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Zmenia is a small island off the coast of Zmania, it has very few cities and the ones that do are very small and well organised. Zmenia was a battle location during the great foo war and was taken over for a short period of time.


Zmenia was once a peaceful territory on Zmaria, and was ruled by Zach's great-grandfather. But the foo king, feeling he needed a closer eye on the fifis, sent his army to take over the kingdom. The fifis there had not had to fight foos in several generations, so they were completely unprepared for the ferocity and savagery of the foos. They were slaughtered, and only a dozen fifis escaped with their lives. The region was them controlled by the foos, and the fifi general Rico built the Great Wall of Zmania to hold them back. Soon after, multiple fifis of every type charged into the territory and took it back, this battle took over a week long and ended with the fifis being victorious.