Plasma fifi

Plasma fifi

Zinty, a plasma fifi, is Rumbler's younger brother and Nimbo's older brother. He gives off a green glow and can dissolve nearly any material. He is usually happy and enthusiastic about nearly anything that isn't bad news. Zinty is so far the only known plasma fifi to be found in Zmonia.


Zinty can generate a force field out of pure plasma, and can even fire it in any direction to engulf and fry a target. He also can generate a whip out of plasma. This whip is able to slice through almost any material, and since it isn't made out of solid material, it can stretch as far as the eye can see, and then some. In fact, while training in Zmonia, Zinty accidentally overshot and knocked the black hole staff out of Matty's han... telepathic grasp back on top of pinpoint tower in Zmania!


  • road trips.
  • Synthetic storms (he has a "storm chamber" in his room.)
  • Pinky Doublegum Soda.
  • Plasma (DUH!)