Water fifi

A water fifi. Notice the crown on its head.

Water Fifi

A Water Fifi

Tide crown

The tide crown with the tide crystal plugged in.

Bubble fifi

A bubble fifi. It is an air/water hybrid.


Kentsy is a water and light hybrid.

Water fifis are one of the 13 main types of fifi. Natural water fifis usually live in Freshlake Pond. Common fifis who wish to become water fifis must attend Kessi's School of Water or unite the Tide Crystal with the Tide Crown. Water fifis are one of the most common fifi types, with many hybrids.


  • Wave
  • Mud (Earth Hybrid)
  • Seaweed (Plant Hybrid)
  • Rain (Air Hybrid)
  • Fog (Air Hybrid)
  • Cloud (Air Hybrid)
  • Storm (Air/Lightning/Water Combo)


  • Water
  • The Ocean


  • Fire
  • Electricity


  • Water fifis cannot get dehydrated, as they can make their own water, as long they are able to access sources of hydrogen and oxygen. Water fifis also invented the sports of swimming, surfing, and diving.
  • Long ago, they were known as the Water Tribe.