Water fifi
Tide crystal

The tide Crystal.

Water Fifi

A Water Fifi

Natural Water Fifi

A Water fifi born with its powers.


Water Fifis love the water. Why? Because it is wet, and land is not. If not playing or pranking, water fifis love sleeping. Something about water just calms them down.


  • Can breath on land.
  • Can breath underwater.
  • Can hold lots of water in mouth.


Zach: So Mr. Water Fifi...

Water: Please, call me Water.

Zach: Um... Ok.

Water: Do you have any Questions?

Zach: Yes, Do you have any hobbies?

Water: I like to swim and prank.

Zach: Do you ever go on land?

Water: Barely, it is not wet enough.

Zach: Do you have a family?

Water: Yes, I have a wife and two kids.

Zach: What are their names?

Water: My wife is named Sally and I have two boys named Jimmy and Seth.

Zach: You look thirsty, do you need some water?

(At this moment Water laughs and takes a glass up and puts it through his crown)

Zach: Ok it's getting late, I think this interview is over.

Water: Ok, I have some swimming to do.

Tide crown

The tide crown with the tide crystal plugged in.