TTV is a village in the Cheriokio jungles.


In The Great Foo War, foos attacked Diberkle, A small town south of the Cheriokio Jungle. Our troops were outnumbered by a lot and we had to retreat into the forest and hide for days. On the 6th day, one of the soldiers noticed how sturdy the vines were. They used them as rope to build platforms. Thus, the town hall was built and houses were constructed. Now the jungle had a hidden city that gave them the aerial advantage. Another strategy that was used was rope dropping, were a rock was attached to a vine and when an enemy activated a tripwire the rock would fall knocking out the person that activated it. When foos started advancing on the jungle, someone mentioned the flaws in the base. One, if the foos looked up, the whole base would be seen. And two, there were no bridges connecting the buildings, only rope swings that could be shot down. The first problem was fixed by using leaves and green paint to coat the walls and bottom of the base. To go along with it, the uniforms changed from light green to dark green. They then built bridges out of vines and were connected to the bases of buildings. But, after one soldier fell through they realized that the bridge needed a floor, so they lined the bottom of them with leaves and a sticky tree sap. Another problem was found in that they didn't have very many weapons that wouldn't take down the fort. So they used stretchy vines to launch rocks from all directions. Once they were ready for war, they sent up a weak flare to attract the foos to their location. When they entered the jungle, the first three lines were taken out by the rope drop trap. The rest of the foos looked for the fifis all over the jungle and when one got separated from the crowd, they were taken out. Over the next week the army of 500 foos had been taken out by 15 fifis


  • Climb to the tallest trees
  • Play hide and seek
  • Rope Swing
  • Swim in the lakes


TTV is located in Zmonia.