Sam fifi

Sam Fifi with the Everlasting Potion, Lab Coat, and Lab Goggles!



Zmaria has some of the best and brightest scientists in the galaxy. The hot scientific subjects of research going on right now are micro particles, dark matter, and of course, new technology to fight the threat of the foos.

Micro ParticlesEdit

Dark MatterEdit

Dark matter was first discovered when Sam was attempting to figure out how Jack's Cosmic Blade worked. At first, it seemed too powerful to have a practical use, but Excalishman discovered a way to control it. It is now being used in advanced technology including teleportation technology and the General Fifi's Black Hole Staff.


Atom Blaster: a bomb that uses micro particle technology to rip apart and scatter the atoms of everything within the radius of the explosion.

Death Bringer:


Sam is the second most prominent scientist in fifi society today, bested only by Excalishman. He comes from a long line of scientists. He and his apprentice, Patrick, have made many important contributions to fifi society. Most of Sam's inventions work using micro particle technology.

A list of Sam's inventions:

Walk-a-Tron: a device that acts as legs for fifis that had been injured or born with birth defects. It was originally made when the war against foos was at a boiling point, and many fifi soldiers were suffering horrible injuries.

Omni-Tool: a device similar to Earth's Swiss Army Knife, but electronic and with more than 100 different uses. It had been thought about for many years previous to its creation, but it was not until a few months ago when Patrick presented a much more logical and realistic design that it was actually created. It works using micro particles.

Micro Particle Reforminator: uses micro particles to create a variety of small objects. The Omni-Tool is essentially an automated, more specified, user-friendly version of the micro particle reforminator.


Excalishman is Zmaria's leading scientist and 3rd in command of the fifi kingdom. He has created much of the technology that makes Zmaria a great kingdom. He differs from Sam in that he is perfectly fine with magic, and therefore was able to understand dark matter and revolutionize it to be used in many different technologies.

A list of Excalishman's inventions:

The Track Blaster:

The Black Hole Staff: the Black Hole Staff has many unstable, extremely dangerous powers (why does Matty have to have control of it?) including teleportation, creating compacted black holes, and turning matter into antimatter.

The Infinite Potion.