(NOTE: These inventions are all patented by Sam Fifi)

Inventions Edit

  • Walk-a-tron: a device that acts as legs.
  • Micro-Particle Reforminator: collects micro-particles of oxygen and compresses them to create any small object.
  • Tablet: a flat, metal device that has the ability to scan objects, save object scans, veiw object scans in a 3D format, and collect un-viewable information, such as DNA, internal structure, ect. (Working on hologram view)
  • Electronic Database: a large, metal device that uses cellular reception to automatically save and transfer and data collected on a Tablet to itself.
  • Cleansing Atom Bomb: a bomb that sends a signal through every atom within a two mile range, destroying any and every radioavtive atom that it finds. (NOTE: life forms only feel a empty feel, which is gone within seconds, because the space is filled with more atoms)
  • Micro-Particle Deforminator: focuses on compressed micro-particles and decompresses them into microscopic particles of oxygen.
  • Lab Coat: a custom-made, bulletproof, waterproof, laboratory coat with radiation-repellent lead lining.
  • Lab Goggles: bulletproof, laser-proof, night-vision goggles.
  • Poison Sword: a sword that destroys or withers almost any object it comes in contact with. (NOTE: This sword is part of the Everlasting Potion)
  • Omni-Tool: an advanced pocket knife with more than fifteen different uses.