Sam fifi

Sam Fifi with the Everlasting Potion, Lab Coat, and Lab Goggles!

Poison sword

The Poison Sword

Sam, a renowned scientist fifi, and the owner of the Science Academy, is unique in himself, and comes from a long line of scientists. He is Zmaria's second top scientist, bested only by Excalishman .

About Edit

Sam enjoys mental challenges, like Extreme 10,000-piece Puzzles. He also enjoys theme parks, and is often found analyzing the latest roller coaster mechanics. When Sam has time off, which isn't often, he puts on shows for the youngens in the city with his Everlasting Potion. Patrick is his apprentice.

Powers Edit

(NOTE: Sam, as a scientist, does not believe that magic is logical. He relies on his inventions. Click or Tap for more inventions ---> Sam's Inventions.)

  • Lab Coat: a custom-made, bulletproof, waterproof, laboratory coat with radiation repellent lead lining
  • Lab Goggles: bulletproof, laser-proof, night-vision goggles
  • Everlasting Potion: a potion with overwhelming abilities
  • Omni-Tool: an advanced pocket knife with more than a hundred different uses

Status Edit

Sam plays a large role in progression of Fifi Technology, and has been working for innumerable hours on the latest softwares, vehicles, and electronics.

Where Edit

Sam has set up bases in two places. His original laboratory base is on the nation Zmonia on the planet Zmaria. His other bases are at Inquazmania also on the planet Zmaria.