You may be looking for Psychic Fifi.

Jack Fifi Card

Jack, a light/psychic hybrid.

Psychic fifi

A psychic fifi

Psychic fifis are one of the 13 main types of fifi. Natural psychic fifis usually live on Mt. Psyhigh. Common fifis who wish to become psychic fifis must either attend Jack's Psychic School of Mind Blowing Powers or unite the Mind Crystal with the Mind Crown. Common variants of the psychic type are telekinesis, meditation, and hypnotic fifis.


Models and puzzles (they use their telekinesis to assemble them in a matter of seconds), guessing games (they always win), and brain teasers


Stupid people, annoying songs, and other psychic fifis who abuse their powers


  • Their powers include telepathy, telekinesis, levitation, mind reading, and some have mastered teleportation and possession (however, possession was outlawed). Most have photographic memories.
  • Psychic fifis were previously called the Psychic Tribe.