Patrick is a young fifi who has aspirations to become a famous scientist, and is currently apprenticed to Sam. He is very intelligent, with an IQ of nearly 500, but often doesn't listen to directions and is a bit clumsy. One of his worst mistakes actually led to an amazing discovery when during a test to try to learn how to cure a radioactive fifi he accidentally spilled a large amount of unstable chemicals, curing the fifi. Sam was then able to learn the exact combination of chemicals, and the mixture is now being used to cure fifi cancer. One time, when Jack had brought the Cosmic Blade to Sam to attempt to learn how it worked, Patrick accidentally cut himself on it, sending him into another dimension. When he was eventually brought back (the rescue mission is quite a long, thrilling tale!) he refused to say exactly what had happened to him, but he has occasionally been heard muttering about rees, neppers, and the fact that Foos might not be so bad. It has since been learned that he traveled to the dimension called "Bendoodlerland", although little is known about this dimension yet.


Patrick's aptitude is scientist, not a warrior, but he can handle a laser-sighted crossbow (Sam's invention, of course) with fair accuracy. He can also bore an enemy into submission by telling them obscure Sci-Fi facts, but he prefers not to use this, as it is inhumane.


Recently, Patrick has been awarded a Medal of Smartness for combining claw packs with artificial wings to help construction fifis build. He has also been named Fifi of the Month for controlling nanobots.