Some fifis get strange powers, and sometimes get them in strange ways. One way some fifis gain their abilities is through a strange disease. Another is finding amazing relics or stones with ancient power, and if you use them right, you can gain an ability. Some, are just plain odd.

Eccentric Metropolitan fifiEdit

The eccentric metropolitan fifi was thought up while looking at weegeeben's card, (wondering what we mean? card game) the eccentric metropolitan snepper. Sprocket53 mistook this creature's description as a strange, mysterious disease, and decided to make a fifi card that had caught it. It was a very disturbing creation.

Spore Fifi Edit

This odd fifi is from an entirely different planet than the fair Zmaria. It was from a strange planet recently colonized by Jack. The planet was called Zimbeldudeldorf. The spore fifi had an entirely different artistic style than any other fifis ever observed, so I bet you can imagine Jack's excitement when he first saw it! this fifi was a very skilled dancer, could sprint and jump exceedingly well, and, to top it off, came with built in body armor.

Spore Fifi

The spore fifi, from planet Zimbeldudeldorf.

Double Chain FifiEdit

Now you are probably thinking, what is the difference between this and a chain Fifi? I have no idea, so why don't you do some research? We think two chain Fifis fell in some radiation and were chained together. Do you think this kind of stuff happens normally? (The answer is no).

Wait Fifi Edit

Wait wait! I want to change this description.

Wait Fifi

Wait Fifi

Cyborg FifiEdit

This fifi was originally a soldier who was badly injured in a battle against the foos. However, Sam's father rebuilt him, giving him super strength, advanced weaponry, a cybernetic eye with x-ray, infrared, ultraviolet, night vision, and laser modes, and greatly extended life span. He has an arm with a magnet on the end because he can no longer use his psychic powers on the right side of his body.

Cyborg Fifi

Cyborg Fifi