Stardust fifi

The legendary Moondust Fifi.

The Moondust Fifi is a being of legend. It is hardly ever spotted, but the large gaps in time between sightings indicate that this is clearly an immortal being. Wherever it is seen, it leaves behind a trail of stardust that isn't quite stardust. After a period of time studying it, the scientist Excalishman determined it was from the moon, and named it moondust. The moondust fifi has only been spotted on very dark nights when the moon is clearly visible, and has never been clearly seen enough to make out any features of it. It seems just to be a void in space with two glowing, bright, white eyes shining like stars. Some even say it's made out of the same material as the Cosmic Blade. It walks like it is in some sort of trance, which usually causes young fifis to quiver with fear if they see it. The first place the moondust fifi was ever sighted was henceforth named Moondust Pillar, and lots of Light fifis show up there. They do not show up normally, however. They seem to walk slowly and dreamily, as if in a trance. Once, Excalishman saw a light fifi walk across thin air from two sides of a cliff. This led him to believe that the moondust fifi was somehow controlling light fifis, but even Jack, an experienced light-type and honorary space fifi for helping save galaxy ZAROX-12, can't even begin to imagine how.

Since the moondust fifi has never been clearly seen, and has never, ever uttered a single word, it's motives are unknown. It causes mass confusion within fifis as to whether they should be scared, or amazed. Matty thought of it as a threat during one of his sightings, and attacked it with a laser beam. Rather than making impact, the laser seemed to go through it and disappear. 143 years later, Bennehisun, a water fifi, was out walking one day, when he was almost hit by a laser beam that had come straight from space itself. This became crucial to proving that the moondust fifi could be made out of nebulanium, as the same thing once happened with Jack's sword.


Each space Fifi has a special role in the universe. The Moondust Fifi symbolizes confusion and fear throughout the galaxy.