Back before the reign of Zach, there was civilization in the Jungles of Zmenia. The people of the city were very primitive, and lived the law of club and fang. The city consisted of the Gathering Place, several living huts, a small trading center, and a play area. They had multiple guards on the outskirts of the city. There was an unidentified fiasco, and this civilization got destroyed. We think that some of the people might have been out of the city while this was happening, in return to the city to see it in ruins, moved to a different location.


When exploring the ruins of the city, different kinds of weapons were found including:

  • Bone Spear: The Bone Spear seemed to be the most popular weapon among the warriors, as there were more spears than any other weapon. It is inferred that it was what most of the guards held as it is a simple weapon to use.
  • Stone Shield: Shields were most likely for warriors, they are made of solid stone with an iron edge.
  • Bronze Sword: This artifact was most likely uncommon, as only ten were found throughout the entire city. The sword had a bronze blade, an iron and leather hilt, and a gem at the base of the hilt.
  • Bow and Arrow: The bow they used was made of a strong wood, it features a unique aiming method among all other types of bows. The arrows were made of iron and featured a pronged front and sleek feathers along the back.
Bone Spear
Stone Sheild
Bronze Sword
Lost City Bow and Iron