Jack wasn't just born with his powers, you know. He gained them in a very improbable way. So improbable, in fact, that it was almost bound to happen. It all happened one Halloween night, when Jack was out walking in the Ion Peninsula. He had been wearing a beige cape (Sam, a great fifi scientist, had recently discovered that the average color of the entire universe was in fact beige.) While enjoying the sea breeze, Jack was struck by a meteor with amazing cosmic power. After nearly dying, Jack had the remaining bits of the meteor removed from his head. after this happened, Jack realized that there was a big star on his forehead, and that his cape could not come off. After one day like that, Jack realized that he could shoot high-powered beams from the star on his head, and that his cape could transform into a pair of bat-like wings. Jack soon was told by an interested scientist fifi that he should be able to transport objects between dimensions, and the scientist volunteered to be a test subject. Jack focused as hard as he possible could, eyes clenched shut with concentration, and when he opened them, the scientist was gone. Heck, everything was gone! Jack realized that he had transported himself into a new dimension that he had created! Jack decided to return to the curious dimension, and confirmed that he had indeed created the place. When he returned again, he realized a curious-looking sword had materialized along with him. He decided to call the now stabilized sword the Cosmic Blade.

Cosmic blade

The cosmic blade, made up of condensed black holes holding entire galaxies in them. It was stabilized by a Valco Stone from another dimension.