For the Grass Types.


This school turns normal Fifis into plant Fifis. One of the most popular schools will have almost anyone join.

Hall of FameEdit


Ivy's School excels in:

  • Growing Plants
  • Hide and Seek

The 7 TrialsEdit

  1. Must be able to lift a fifty pound weight using a vine.
  2. Must be able to produce a fruit bearing plant.
  3. Must be able to grow an entire forest.
  4. Must be able to fly using a vine copter.
  5. Must be able to recognize a minimum of five hundred different plants.
  6. Must be able to heal a withered plant to full health.
  7. Must be able to grow at least two types of trees, bushes, grasses, vines, and aquatic plants.


Near the Cheriokio Jungles in Zmonia

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