Leader of the Rainbow Fifis.


Iris is the leader of her team. She has always had the job to restore color and lead her team out when colorless strikes.


Iris was born... well, not really... born. Well, you see... One day, a pink meteor shot across the sky leaving a rainbow trail, it crashed into the ocean and sunk to the bottom. 200 years later, the egg broke open and a rainbow egg popped out and floated to the top of the ocean. It took another 100 years for Excalishman's grandfather to find the egg, not recognizing what kind of egg is was, he figured that it must be a new species. The egg hatched 7 months later and when it hatched a giant rainbow exploded out of it. It was then passes down to Excalishman's father around the time Excalishman was 10. It was studied massively, its note where then added to the Fifipedia.


Iris's weapon of choice is the Rainbow Staff.