This page is for the Various Gems on the planet of Zmaria. Remember that each of the Gems has a special power. Feel free to add pictures of the Gems.

Power GemsEdit

These gems give power to the user.


The Valco Stone.

Valco StoneEdit

  • Color: Red.
  • Power: Destroys foos on contact, turns animals super powerful.
  • Found: Valco.

Typhon TopazEdit

  • Color: Blue Orange.
  • Power: Can control water.
  • Found: Ion Peninsula.

Lealvey EmeraldEdit

Psyplre AmethystEdit

  • Color: Royal Purple.
  • Power: Gives psychic powers.
  • Found: Mt. Psyhigh.

Elemental Power CrystalsEdit

Power crystals

The three elemental power stones: the scorch crystal, the tide crystal, and the florage crystal.

Scorch CrystalEdit

  • Color: Red-Orange
  • Power: powers up the Scorch Crown.
  • Found: Unknown.

Tide CrystalEdit

  • Color: Sea Blue
  • Power: Powers up the Tide Crown.
  • Found: Unknown.

Florage CrystalEdit

  • Color: Leafy Green
  • Power: Powers up the Florage Crown.
  • Found: Unknown.