For all the foods in Zmaria.

Ambrosia TeaEdit


The tea is made from a fikson leaf and is dried and seasoned with the secret recipe. One of the ingredients is gold. Once it is seasoned and dried it gains special properties. The recipe is contained in a large safe so no one but the fifis can use it.


This tea will heal you when you drink it or if you pour it on a wound it will heal immediately. Also it will give you butt burns for a day.

Pinky Doublegum SodaEdit

It's yummy pink tastes like bubble gum and Fifis love it!!!!!!!


Found at Zach's Beach Time Snack Shack, it makes you go hyper in a matter of seconds. It contains 50% Bubble Gum, 45% Sugar, and 5% water. Maybe I should give it to a Hyper Fifi.

BLSC BurgerEdit

Super Meaty


A rare burger that consist of bacon, steak, lettuce, chicken, fried apples with cinnamon, and mushroom stew mixed with the steak, also comes with a side of carrots and mashed potatoes, and a dessert of chocolate chip cookies. Any Fifis that can finish it in under and hour gets the power of a Food Fifi.

Zmona ColaEdit


Found at Zach's Beach Time Snack Shack, It's the most refreshing drink on the planet.