A Crowd of Foos

A foo

Foo (past)

A foo from this dimension.

Foo (present)

A foo from another dimension, Bendoodlerland.

Foos are one of the creatures in the universe. They are the allies of the Fifis and are always willing to pick a fight.


The Foos are in a war with the Fifis because in both their species' early development, the foos thought the Fifis stole a piece of technology that allowed the Fifis to levitate objects around them. But, in reality, the Fifis had developed this power on their own.


Foos, like Fifis, come in all shapes and sizes.

Special AttributesEdit

One of the most outstanding attributes of foos are their suits. It gives them their most precious weapon, their spike.

Foos are also trained in many types of martial arts.


Bendoodlerland is a dimension not so much unlike the dimension all fifis live in, with one big difference: foos are the dominent sentient species. Fifis are still known to be found in Bendoodlerland, but these fifis are much different, and, upon consideration, behave very much like the foos do in our dimension. It is the same with the foos found in our dimension. The foos of Bendoodlerland are a much more peaceful race than the foos we find in our own dimension. They are not in a huge war with the fifis, but minor squabbles do still break out from time to time. Since Bendoodlerland is a much more peaceful dimension for the foos than our dimension, certain foos have adapted their suits more for appearances than battle, and thus some members of the foo population do not have spikes. The foos in Zmaria now resemble the foos from bendoodlerland ever since The Great Treaty