Zmonia's Top scientist.

Excalishman, holding his own version of Sam's Everlasting Potion.


Excalishman is Zmonia's top scientist and Zach's third in Command. He knows everything there is to know about science AND magic. He is one of the only scientists that study both of these. He lives five miles away from Zach's Castle so chemicals don't leak. His brain has power to surpass 500 of Zmaria's strongest supercomputers. When he is not working on an experimant or studying, he is often visiting Sam to discuss micro-particles, though they can get into fights because Sam doesn't believe in magic.


  • Track Blaster
  • Another version of Sam's Everlasting Potion, called the Infinite potion.
  • Cyborg Fifis
  • All of the weaponry from the Zmonian Military force.
  • Magic Detector: A portable device that can scan the area for magical essences, this machine is highly disliked by same.
  • Is currently working on a Portal Generator.
  • Military Super Suit: A suit made of a fabric that is strong, yet agile. It cannot be detected by thermal scopes and can survive fire, lightning, and water.
  • Military Eyepiece: An eyepiece that can detect friend and foe. It also comes with a laser shooter, x-ray function, infrared detector, ultraviolet detector, timer, and stopwatch.
  • Military Shoes:Extremely light shoes that can be worn easily without pain. They have a spring inside of them that can be used to launch the wearer several feet in the air and can also be equipped with a super speed option.
  • Military Jetpack: A super fast but quiet Jetpack


  • IQ: 553
  • Brain Capacity: 3,000,000 GB


  • Discovering over 16 new fifi Species
    • One is the Iris the only known rainbow fifi.
  • Creating the everlasting potion.