The Evolution of Fifis was a long time ago.
Fifi Evolution

The Fifi Evolution


Fifi life started out in the galaxy Tanorckle. Every time the Fifis evolved, they gained a bigger brain.


As cells, the Fifis lived in oceans on Zmaria. They were omnivores in the water. They had no distinct features and were sometimes called the "Lower Leveled Cells". But in time they showed the creatures more evolved by getting on land.


As Fifis first stumbled onto land their legs were not very developed. But the Fifis weren't the only ones on the land. Around the same time, Foos stumbled onto the land.


With the land being shared by various creatures, Fifis had some tough competition. Foos had arms and spikes while the Fifis were still developing, until one day, the Fifis gained a strange telepathic power to move things in a short distance. With more creatures on the land, the Fifis were now competitors.


Soon the Fifis and foos started to use tools to build huts to live in. With each tribe having their own advantages, the Fifis and foos started battling. Eventually, they started making weapons consisting of swords and clubs. They also become more generous of the other tribes by making them allies, making Fifis powerful.


As the Fifis start to make houses in their own cities, the age of invention began, with new weapons like guns, missles, bombs and rockets. At the same time, new vehicles had appeared, including cars, drills, boats, and planes. This was the one stage that Fifis could dominate with no problem. However, the foos decided to move to a different planet with their armored planes and left the Fifis on Zmaria.