Evil Fifi

The Evil Fifi, the lights hate, the darks despise. Makes fires cold and ices melt. Makes plants wilt and metals rust. Slows electrics, pollutes waters. Makes earths burrow and airs crash. Few challenge him, all hate him.


No one knows exactly where he came from, but there are many rumors. Some say space, some say he was a corrupted dark. But there is one thing we know, he doesn't come often, but he's always there. He has a dark crystal embedded in his crown . Some believe this crystal to be the source of his powers. Some say it magnifies his abilities. Some even go as far as to say he actually wasn't always evil, but was corrupted by the stone.



Zach is the Evil Fifis worst enemy. He always stops his plans from happening. They have always been enemies for as long as anyone can remember.


No one knows what the deal is between these two but the Evil Fifi doesn't seem to attack Kentsy.


  • Nothing


  • Everything. Evil Fifi, remember?


He lives on his dark castle surrounded by his minions. His castle is in the darkest part of the Otherworld.

To Do ListEdit

  1. To take over Zmaria
  2. To Kill the King Fifi
  3. To destroy all color
  4. Get more salad dressing