The Electro Bros are a famous family of electric fifis. Both of their parents have Accelerated Genetic Mutation Disorder, or AGMD, which causes minor changes in their genetic sequence several times a second. Due to this, each of their children has been a different electric variant. So far, from oldest to youngest, their children have been: Rumbler, a thunder fifi; Zinty, a plasma fifi; and Nimbo, a lightning fifi.

The BrosEdit


Storm Fifi

Sheltin, a storm fifi, and possibly one of the electro bros.

Sheltin, a storm fifi, is rumored to be one of the electro bros, but no evidence has yet been proven to confirm this theory. If proof of Sheltin being one of the electro bros were to be found, he would be a few weeks older than Zinty.


Thunder Fifi

Rumbler, a thunder Fifi, and the eldest of the electro bros.

Rumbler, a thunder fifi, is the eldest of the electro bros. He can generate sound waves on the perfect frequency to make them physical, and charges them with electricity. Rumbler is the only known thunder fifi known to have perfected this technique.


Plasma fifi

Zinty, a plasma fifi, and the middle of the three electro bros.

Zinty, a plasma fifi, is the middle of the electro bros. He can create a forcefield of plasma around himself, and then shoot it at a target without it losing any of it's strength. Zinty can also lash out a mean plasma whip, cutting through nearly any material. Zinty is the only known Plasma fifi found in all of Zmaria.


Lightning fifi

Nimbo, a lightning fifi, and one of the three electro bros.

Nimbo, a lightning fifi, is the youngest of the electro bros. He is by far the fastest lightning fifi to ever exist, and, speedwise, can hold his own against a Hyper Fifi. When running, he can generate friction in his body, which can be shot out in lightning bolts. The faster he goes, the stronger the lightning bolts. When running at his "light jog," he can generate enough electricity to fry a lightning rod (which was previously thought impossible!)