Storm Fifi


Patrick's Storm Fifi

Patrick's Storm Fifi

Plasma fifi

Zinty, a plasma fifi, and the middle of the Electro Bros.

Thunder Fifi

Rumbler, a thunder fifi, and the eldest of the Electro Bros.

Lightning fifi

Nimbo, a lightning fifi, and the youngest of the Electro Bros.

Electric fifis are one of the 13 main types of fifi. Natural electric fifis usually live on Shock-Rock Pillar. Common fifis who wish to become electric fifis must either attend Leo's School of Electric or unite the Volt Crystal with the Volt Crown.


  • Zap
  • Shock
  • Volt
  • Sonic
  • Energy
  • Lightning
  • Plasma
  • Thunder
  • Storm (Water/Air/Lightning Combo)


Pranks, thunder, metal, racing, being cheerful


Rubber, lightning rods


  • Many electric fifis have ADHD and are constantly moving and talking. Due to this, they are extremely fast, but they are often beaten in races by hyper fifis. However, most electric fifis are extremely optimistic, and are always good sports about it.
  • Before the Treaty of Elements was signed there was the Electric Tribe.

Electro BrosEdit

The famous Electro Bros are a family of electric fifis who were all born different electric variants. They are, from oldest to youngest: the thunder fifi, the plasma fifi, and the lightning fifi. There are rumors of a storm fifi in the group, but there is no proof.