Cyborg Fifi

Cyborg Fifi

Cyborg Fifi Mach 2

Cyborg Fifi Mach 2.0


Cyborg Fifis don't understand knowledge, they are half robots and know many things already. Unfortunately, they cannot reproduce.


Now you might be wondering, why does it have an arm? The answer is simple, it is not capable of its telekinesis on the right side of its body. The arm is customizable to suit the fifi's needs. Popular extensions are guns, utensils, magnets, and a hand.

Mark 1Edit

The first version comes with a robotic foot, eyepiece, and semi-customizable arm.

Mark 2Edit

After receiving complaints, Excalishman locked himself in his lab for a week. The new version comes with a smoother metal covering for damaged areas, the eyepiece is a downgraded version of the military eyepiece and can zoom in on items. The arm has been replaced by a hand that is moved wirelessly via a special chip. The leg now offers the same amount of movement as a normal leg, and the mouth can now move in ways identical to a normal mouth.


Cyborg Fifis were first produced in the Battle for Zmonia when a bomb exploded in a military hut. Many fifis were injured and could not move most of their bodies. They were taken to Excalishman who was working on an electro-magnetism gun. Excalishman covered the injured part of their body with a thick, bombproof metal and attached an arm to it.