A bobo.


Bobos were the second creation made by Zach and Jack. Zach created bobos, drew a picture, and handed it to Jack, who gave them a name: bobos. Bobos may have a sluglike appearance, but don't let that fool you. Bobos are very quick and feel as solid as anything else! (As long as that something else is a solid.) A bobo's key characteristic is the big spike on it's head. Bobos move by sliding around, and can even slide up steep surfaces. Some have even been spotted climbing trees! Bobos are usually blue, but their colors vary depending on the power they have. Bobos are very caring, but will not hesitate to attack anythig considered as a threat. When you approach a bobo for the first time, be careful not to intimidate it!!!!! Bobos are also very territorial to strangers.


Bobos reached landfall a few centuries after fifis. They, at first, had no spike. Although they evolved to have them. This evolution was a very slow process, as each generation the horn only got about a centimeter longer.


Bobos can have a variety of powers, but they all have one thing in common: They all have a spike on their head.


Bobos are currently allied to the fifis because the King Fifi once helped them protect their land from an invading Foo armada. Due to this, all bobos have a strong friendship and respect for the King Fifi.