Foo (present)

A foo from another dimension, Bendoodlerland.

Bendoodlerland is a parallel dimension apart from the dimension fifis live in.  This dimension belongs to a different kind of foos than the ones in our galaxy.


In Bendoodlerland, foos are the "good guys." Also, the fifis left the foos' planet, where we all know that the foos left Zmaria. Bendoodlerland also has some other strange creatures, including neppers, sneppers, cleppers, clasneppers, rees, yees, screes, sprees, drees, and grees.

Comparing and Contrasting our foos and the foos of Bendoodlerland.
Our foos Bendoodlerland Foos
Foo (past)

A foo from this dimension.

Foo (present)

A foo from another dimension, Bendoodlerland.

Our foos are incredibly evil and will not hesitate to kill a creature of the planet. Bendoodlerland Foos are quite nice. If only they could meet our fifis... oh well! They also have patterns on their suits and spikes.

The reason the foos in the Fifi deminshion are bloodthirsty is most likely because they didn't evolve the same.

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